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Become a Member

The Historical Society which oversees the Historical Park is always interested in new members. They not only support our mission of helping to preserve the rich and diverse history of Neosho and Newton County but also bring in new ideas to support this mission.

We have (4) quarterly meetings that have interesting programs. Our annual History Alley helps support a number of county history entities. At the fourth meeting, the membership banquet, award and recognition is given to those members, volunteers and community partners who have helped support out mission.

Having a membership gives you:

1. Our free quarterly newsletter -- The Saga

2. One free use of the schoolhouse per month

3. Advance notice of events and other happenings

4. Pride in helping to preserve Newton County's past for future generations

Fill out the form below and mail payment to:

Newton County Historical Society
P.O. Box 675
Neosho, MO 64850


Under 25 25-35 35-55 55+

Membership type:
Individual-$10 annually
Life-$150 one-time fee

I would like to receive The Saga, your weekly publication

I am interested in serving on a program committee

I am interested in serving on the board of trustees

I am interested in doing volunteer work for the museum

What are your particular interests? Please enter them below, including the Civil War, education, agriculture, industries, homes, railroad, education, genealogy or anything else.